Adam Howitt and Jeff Kenny are Almost Awesome

We make - Putting runners on the map

WalkJogRun lets you plan your routes by drawing them on a map. So far our members have created routes for walking, jogging, running, biking, rollerblading, and there's even a few kayaking routes.


Adam Howitt

Adam is a Google Analytics consultant specializing in website management services. He built WalkJogRun in 2003 as he was training for the Peachtree 10k road race using DHTML to draw running routes on an uploaded map. Version 2 scraped maps from Yahoo's maps and then finally in August 2005 he integrated the Google Maps API while Jeff redesigned the look and feel of the site.

Jeff Kenny

Jeff is 1/4 Strategist, 1/4 Psychologist, 1/4 Technologist and 1/4 Designer-ist. His career started in 1995 when he was the co-founder of a successful internet consultancy which was acquired by Duo Consulting in 2001 where he worked as Director of User Experience until 2009. He is now the Creative Director at CouponCabin, Inc and spends his days finding new ways to help people save money.